NASB and CCS at Summit Point

May 22-23, 1999
NASB's Weekend Race Results
CCS's Weekend Race Results

The North American Sportbike Series (NASB) made its first ever stop at Summit Point, joined by CCS regional racing. A huge crowd of riders stuffed into the paddock area in what may have been a record rider turnout. Evidence of this was full grids and the rarely seen closing of many races to additional riders. This phenomenon occurred partly because of the tight scheduling with the NASB races -- many amateur and expert races were combined and prematurely filled the grids. A great many riders returned to their pit with a crossed out entry form after changing entries after their first choices closed. Many more walked back empty handed, including some from the MARRC rider school, who had no races they were eligible for on Sunday morning.

Regardless of the mishaps at registration, the weather was picture perfect. Although some clouds were in the sky, the weather was warm with slight breezes, perfect for racing. Cornerworkers and racers alike rejoiced in the lack of rain and comfortable conditions.

The NASB action proved to be exciting for racers and spectators alike. Many new faces were seen at Summit Point, including Todd Harrington, Joseph Gill, Eric Wood, Steve Johnson, and a host of riders from the midwest making their first trek to Summit. For those who frequent Summit, Wood had been spotted at the previous CCS round getting seat time in at an unfamiliar track. The laps paid off for Wood after he snatched a well-deserved 4th place in the EBC Brakes Sportbike final.

But the big winners were local favorites David Rose, Tim and Bryan Bemisderfer, and Quentin Mise. Rose and Bemisderfer went 1-2 in the EBC Brakes Sportbike final after sandwiching Todd Harrinton for 2 laps. Harrington had the holeshot and the lead for the first lap, but could not hold off Rose's advances. After Rose passed for the lead in Turn 1 on lap 2, Harrington locked up the rear wheel on his Suzuki and lowsided in Turn 1 on the next lap. Rose and Harrington had already pulled a 2 second lead on Tim Bemisderfer, and looked as though they would serve up an epic battle to the finish. Harrington had learned the technical circuit in record time, and stayed close with Rose, the middleweight track record holder. Both were setting times in the 19s and high 18s, and looked to go even faster before Harrington fell.

Harley-Davidson Twin Sport favorite Mike Ciccotto took his series lead and extended it with a dominating win over Chad Healy and Scott Korol. Ciccotto has not raced Summit in a long time, and shook off the rust quickly. The Florida native was never challenged, and after he took the holeshot, he never looked back.

Ciccotto also played a similar tune in the Buell Lightning Series, taking his 3rd win the series in as many tries. Many had hoped the former track record holder Bryan Bemisderfer would mount a charge on his own Buell, and challenge Ciccotto for the lead. Unfortunately, Bemisderfer never got the chance as his Buell retired with mechanical problems.

Thanks to Glen Ouye. Click on each photo to see the enlargement. For more amazing photos from this dedicated MARRC member, see Glen's site at Just prominently display a MARRC sticker on your bike and Glen may get a shot of you too!

High flying An unbelievable photo sequence by Glen Ouye demonstrates clearly just how fast modern motorcycles can travel through Turn 10, and just how fast something can go wrong. David Mayberry (#519) lowsides in Turn 10, and his bike continues on without him. Luckily Mayberry was not on board when his bike jumped the berm, power lines, orchard road, and trees. The bike landed approximately 70 feet beyond where it hit the berm, going about 60 feet in the air. Mayberry fortunately walked away from the incident unhurt.
New tire wall The life of a MARRC cornerworker may look glamourous, but occassionally some back-breaking work is thrown in so we remember our roots. Here the MARRC members and the cornerworkers from Turn 3 assemble a new tire wall around the berm in Turn 3. The tirewall is a new addition along with a new gravel trap. Photo by Glen Ouye.
Leader lowside Todd Harrington (#74) lowsides in Turn 1 while dicing for the lead during the NASB EBC Brakes Sportbike final. Harrington and eventual winner David Rose had just finished battling on the brakes and came into Turn 1 at an unbelievalbe entry speed. Rose took the turn in first place, and Harrington lowsided when his bike jumped out of gear and locked up the rear wheel. Although Harrington was unharmed, a broken brake lever and rearset prevented Harrington from continuing. Photo sequence by Glen Ouye.
Combined event Podium-finisher Bryan Bemisderfer (#9) is chased through Turn 3 by ninth place finisher Roger Harsh (#937) during the Expert Heavyweight SuperSport/Expert Middleweight Superbike combined race on Sunday afternoon. Bryan was competing in the Expert Middleweight Superbike race while Roger was competing in the Expert Heavyweight SuperSport race. Photo by Glen Ouye.
Crash in Turn 3 Kenneth Snyder (#26) lowsides his Suzuki GSXR600 in Turn 3 during the Expert Heavyweight Supersport event on Sunday. Snyder lost the rear midway through the race and slid unhurt through the gravel trap. Photo sequence by Glen Ouye.
Outbraking Bill Dietz (#186) goes handlebar to handlebar with David Yaakov (#36) into Turn 1. If you look closely at the photo, both are still hard on the brakes as they lean over for the turn. Dietz eventually got the upper had and won the Expert Heavyweight Sportsman race. Photo by Glen Ouye.
David vs Goliath MARRC director Rick Beggs (#1) passes Steve Keener (#444) on the outside of Turn 1 during expert practice. Keener was considerably down on horsepower, riding his FZR400 superbike versus Beggs on his Kawasaki ZX-7R. Photo by Glen Ouye.
Click to enlarge Good God, more battles through Turn 1?!? Race winner Steve Johnson (25) battles 2nd place finisher Arthur Diaz (83) in Turn 1 during the Expert Middleweight Grand Prix race. Johnson is shown with a slight advantage over Diaz's efforts to plant his Yamaha R6 up the inside and take the lead. This photos proves, among many others, that Summit Point is not a one-line race course. Photo by Glen Ouye.

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