CCS at Summit Point

April 24-25, 1999
CCS's Weekend Race Results

The first CCS weekend of 1999 came amid clear skies and cool weather, and what appeared to be a near record turnout of motorycle and Legend car racers. Saturday featured GT endurance racing, along with heat and final Legend car races. Sunday was all motorcycle sprint action, sprinkled with a few NASB riders attending to get extra laps before next month's NASB round at Summit Point on May 22-23.

The GT Lights events on Saturday fielded a lot of bikes, and a lot of action. In the Expert event, Brian Kcraget took his FZR400 to a commanding lead, with Steve Keener (#444) on another 400 the only rider able to keep pace, albeit a half a lap back by race finish. The battle for the last podium spot sported the best battles, with tight action throughout the whole race. Slow starting Darrell Myers (#44) worked up from the middle of the pack to battle 918 for 3rd place, only to be overtaken by Minh Le (#53) on his RS125 with only 3 laps left in the race. Le worked his way from the back of the pack to put on quite a strong showing during his first expert weekend.

Le and Kcraget went on to dominate the racing on Sunday, with Kcraget winning the LW Supersport and Superbike events, and Le winning Grand Prix Singles. Kenneth Snyder (#26) also dominated the Expert Middleweight ranks, taking MW Supersport, MW Superbike, and HW Supertsport on Sunday.

The Novice GT Lights race was another huge field of nearly 50 bikes, that was not only red-flagged once, but twice. The 2nd red flag was due to a multi-bike incident at the start that required two riders to be medevaced by helicopter. Fortunately, no rider stayed in the hospital through the weekend. The GT Lights novice race was postponed until the end of the day, and Steve Shoul (#151) on his hard-to-holeshot RZ350 jumped to the lead and was never pressured. In fact, Shoul went on to dominate the lightweight races, winning amateur sportsman and superbike.

The Novice GTO proved to be a tight race, except for the leader. After dicing for the lead for two laps, Collin Fagan (#305) crashed in Turn 4, leaving the race to eventual winner Matt Powers (#308). The rest of the pack fought for the rest of the event, with riders all the way back to 15th place swapping positions every lap. Riders did not break up into the typical battles of 2 or 3 machines, but fought in groups of 8 or 9, keeping the racing close for all 8 laps. Not surprisingly, Powers also went to win the Novice GTU event by another comfortable margin, leaving hectic battles for the top 10 positions. On Sunday, Powers also saw the checkered first in the amatuer MW Supersport, MW Superbike, and HW Supersport rounds.

Kudos go out to freshly minted expert racers Nick Yoskin and Brandon Bashore, who took multiple podiums in their races during the weekend. Yoskin and Bashore took 2nd and 3rd in the Expert GTO on Saturday, but Bashore bested Yoskin for 2nd in Expert HW Superbike, and Yoskin triumphed in Unlimited GP and podiumed in Unlimited Supersport and a 4th in HW Supersport. Stay tuned for more information (once I can match names with bike numbers) and race photos from the weekend. We'll post them as soon as Glen scans them in!

MARRC Safety Crew Volunteers - MARRC is all volunteer. Without these folks, none of what you read here would have ever happened.
  • Mike Adams
  • Len Bacon
  • Roger Bacon
  • John Baxter
  • Dean Beasom
  • Jamie Berry
  • John Bise
  • Bob Black
  • Lisa Black
  • Mary Black
  • Sherry Black
  • Kim Blair
  • Liz Brinson
  • Hugh Caldwell
  • John Capen
  • Joe Casalena
  • Jim Checchi
  • Robert Chaney
  • Anna Cluster
  • Dawn Cook
  • Sue Cook
  • David Crocker
  • Jeannie Dalmas
  • Randy Dalmas
  • Joan Erdesky
  • Chris Ford
  • Les Forewright
  • Brad Haskin
  • Chuck Heath
  • Kathy Leavitte
  • Roger Lyle
  • Wendy Karppi
  • Teresa Klint
  • John Kozen
  • Travis Metzler
  • Glen Ouye
  • Todd Peer
  • Sean Pete
  • Sandy Powers
  • William Powers
  • Arthur Sears
  • Phil Sears
  • Eugene Shafir
  • Jamie Shockley
  • Marc Shockley
  • Jeff Stringfield
  • Tim Redmond
  • Cathy Tucker
  • Clara Tucker
  • David Tucker
  • Heather Tucker
  • Richard Tucker
  • Travis Winesickle

  • Roger Bacon's Around the Corners

    What a way to start a racing season! Two more different challenges could have designed to test the fortitude of the MARRC Safety Crew. These men and women are true champions of dedication to the sport of motorcycle roadracing. The WERA event on April 10 & 11 could be characterized as Mother Nature's bad weather joke on motorcycle roadracing or perhaps she was confused thinking this was supposed to be a jet ski racing event. Everyone was soaked to the bone both days but we all hung in there and got off a full card of races. Thanks to the wonderful hot meals prepared by Bill & Sandy Powers & Crew, our energy and spirits remained high. It was rumored that WERA Race Director George "The Rain Maker" Mood was considering allowing outriggers as acceptable bolt-on options for any bike over 600 cc.

    MARRC Life Member and WERA Starter Al Wilcox was honored for his 25 Years of Dedication to the WERA Vintage Motorcycle Racing Series during Saturday's riders' meeting. We all shared a moment of silent reflection for Al's departed Julia. Now the CCS weekend of April 24 &25 was an altogether different story. Friday started out with a tornado touching down in the area, golf ball-sized hail, 60mph winds and monsoon downpours. Everyone wanted to know where George was. Saturday morning dawned bright and clear and we were off to the races. The good conditions brought the competitors out of the woodwork. Saturday was marred by several serious incidents requiring the old red flag to be called into action. One incident resulted in five riders being treated by medical crews. Two of the most seriously injured were med-evaced to INOVA Fairfax Hospital by AirCare helicopter. Four of the five racers were released by that evening with only former MARRC Cornerworker Kevin Sides remaining for treatment of a severely damaged shoulder region. MARRC President Roger Lyle reports Kevin was released from Fairfax Hospital the afternoon of Monday, April 26. Racer Sides will continue his treatment at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Hey Kevin, you can wave a flag with your good arm while you are recovering. Get well soon partner!

    It was interesting to talk to the folks who were racing the Legends Cars. They were amazed by the efficiency and remarkable cooperation exhibited by the track-side medical teams, local fire and rescue service units, AirCare flight doctors, CCS officials, and the MARRC Safety Crew. They had never seen such a display of teamwork at a roadracing facility. With all the excitement the racing wasn't over until nearly 8:00 PM. Thanks to everyone's patience we got in every race and conducted a full MARRC Road Racing School on-track program by day's end. The only thing we did not get accomplished was the scheduled MARRC Board of Directors' meeting. That activity will be rescheduled for mid-May before the NASB/CCS event on June 22 - 23. Thankfully Dean Beasom, Sue Cook, Joan Erdesky and the MARRC Cafe' crew had a terrific dinner waiting for us all to enjoy.

    Sunday's printed race card listed thirteen, eight lap sprint races. By the time the grids were posted the program had grown to 18, six lap races, most with multi-wave starts. The challenge this entire weekend wasn't the rain, it was getting done before dark. Thank goodness for daylight savings time. Perhaps the rest of the year will be kinder and gentler to us all. There are several significant events on the MARRC schedule we all must note on our calendars. The 8th Annual Jefferson 500 Vintage Automobile Grand Prix will be conducted May 14 to 16 at Summit Point. We really need to support our SCCA counterparts by working the corners with them. These folks help us immensely during our SVRA event in October. Contact John Capen at for details and to get your name to be placed on the SCCA worker list. The next roadracing weekend is a NASB/CCS event. A very large contingent of professional riders will test the ten turns of Summit Point Raceway on May 22nd and 23rd. Don't forget June 5th's Midnight Madness Go- Cart activity in Frederick, MD. Especially important is your participation in the MARRC Track Day on Friday, June 18 preceding the next WERA event. The MARRC Track Day is our biggest fund-raiser of the year. We need everyone to come out and help make this an especially successful activity. This year offers MARRC a real opportunity to shine as a standard of excellence in the roadracing community. We must always remember MARRC is a total community of racers, crews, enthusiasts, as well as cornerworkers, all with the a common focus of being "dedicated to the advancement of motorcycle roadracing."

    Special thanks to Roger Bacon for his help in recaping the weekend.

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