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  1. MARRC Motorcycle Charades! Summit Twister! Awards Banquet & Winter Events

    Please come join us in a game "MARRC Motorcycle Charades!"

    The Social Events Committee is also premiering "Summit Twister!" @ the game night Nov 23.
    (Details in separate thread).
    Be sure to RSVP...
  2. Yes! BYOB!!! And bring anything else you...

    Yes! BYOB!!!

    And bring anything else you want!
  3. Video-Game night: Friday Jan 24th 2014 in Bethesda MD 6pm-?

    Have it YOUR WAY on Friday January 24th, 2014!

    This Video-Game night is to honor all your hard work at the track, and THANK YOU by letting you have it "HAVE it YOUR WAY."

    What you want is...
  4. Sure! Why not! I will bring the glow sticks! ...

    Sure! Why not! I will bring the glow sticks!

    The theme is Have it YOUR WAY! Lol
  5. **Save the Date**Friday Jan 24th** Video & Games Night**

    ***Save the Date**** Friday January 24th 2014**** **** MARRC video & games night**** more info to follow!!!
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    MARRC Award's Banquet Feb 22, 2014

    It's time again for the MARRC Award's Banquet!!

    Mark off SATURDAY FEBRUARY 22rd on your calendar and plan on coming out and joining us for an evening of food, drinks and socializing.

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